Frequently Asked Questions

Please navigate to and click the button labelled “Log in”
In the dialogue box, please enter your email address and the password provided.
Please send a request to the system administrator or contact your Field Worker or Area Manager.
The Expanded Partnership Programme was created to facilitate the achievement by CPFs of objectives contained in section 18(1) of the SAPS Act 68 of 1995.
The information is collated to study trends which will keep CPFs informed of the state of Community Policing in the province.
The responsible Area Manager, supported by Field Workers, will provide feedback on specific issues.
The system will accept online submissions for a specific month up until the last day of the following month.
The CPF chairperson MUST confirm the veracity of the data prior to sending it to the Department.
The Excel™ offline form is used where certain CPFs have connectivity problems; the online web-based system (located at is the preferred method.
The turnaround time is 30 days from date of submission.
You may track the status of your e-Report by contacting your Field Worker or Area Manager. Stakeholders may also contact Mr Searle Engelbrecht on 021-483-6346 or by emailing
From the side-menu, under Reports, please select Summary Questionnaire, which can be saved as a PDF a Word document or an Excel™ document.
Yes, we are presently compiling a training schedule per cluster which will be communicated via your Field Worker and Area Manager.
Please contact Mr Searle Engelbrecht on 021-483-6346 during office hours.
On the home screen, please select the Forgot Password option and follow the prompts. The system will send a reset link via email to the address provided.
Of the 6 observation visits requested, it is preferred that 3 be done during the day and 3 at night. SAPS personnel on duty will provide the relevant Occurrence Book (OB) number(s).
A profile will be created for Station Commanders where they will be able to download and print the collated Station Observation Visits.

For further enquiries contact Fagrodien Johnson or Winston Cogill